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To hell with your supposed Constitutional rights - we needs our money!

parking-tickets%281%29.jpgBoston and Washington, D.C. are pissed off about the fact that folks are going to court to contest parking tickets, taking away revenue from the cities. I mean, why should citizens take advantage of their right to have their day in court? So D.C. is phasing out the right to challenge any parking citation. And in Boston and other Massachusetts cities, folks “cannot challenge a $100 parking ticket in court without first paying a $275 court fee,” a fee which is not refunded if they’re ultimately found innocent.

Looks like Bush’s attempt to turn our country into a Constitution-free zone is contagious.

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You know where this will end--a mass rush to write as many parking tickets as possible--heltekr-skelter, willy-nilly without proof of anything. Why not? When it is impossible to appeal? Why we sit back and take this supinely makes me fear for the nation. Where are the trial lawyers NOW, protecting our "rights"? Not enough bucks in it for them, I guess.

well, if we're supposed to just trust that our government wouldn't torture someone or throw them in jail without the right to see the evidence against them without a damned good reason, surely we should just trust that parking cops wouldn't write a ticket unless the perp was guilty as hell.

Seriously though... don't you think blaming this on Bush is a bit much? Last I checked, Boston and DC weren't exactly hotbeds of Republicofascism.

How does a city/state, negate the US Constitution? Where is the challenge to the legality of this localized legislation????

ACLU!!!!!!!! Where are you on this???????

It's actually been like that for years in DC. My mom got a ticket several years ago for a car that wasn't hers parked in a place she'd never been at a time she couldn't be there. Took two appeals. It was expunged, but she got no money back.

Yeah, I thought it was pretty amazing that you were able to blame Bush for something that was dreamed up and implemented by liberal Democrats in Boston. Guess you just can't possibly conceive that Democrats would ever do something stupid, selfish, or unconstitutional, huh.

(I came here because Mr. Intellectual Probity linked here. Won't be coming back.)

Sigh. ...Having lived in both Boston and D.C., I'm quite aware of their left bend. That line about Bush (which, uhm, doesn't actually blame him even if you read it straight) was what some folks might call tounge-in-cheek. So don't y'all go getting your tits in a wringer.

RC - two appeals for a car that wasn't even hers? You gotta' love government at work!

There's a municipality in Texas that sends people to collections if they don't appear in court on their traffic citations. COLLECTIONS! Apparently "failure to appear" is podunk code for "I'm guilty." Bastards.