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How Do We Beat the Bitch?

hillary-clinton-in-rolling-stone.jpgThat was the question posed to John McCain during a campaign speech, and oddly enough, he knew exactly who the questioner was referring to. And while McCain swore that he respected “her,” his body language and follow-up response suggested that he found the question immensely amusing (video is after the jump).

Indeed, the suggestion was as such: “Hillary is a bitch … ha ha ha! But, I really respect her. The bitch, I mean. In fact, I respect all bitches — I mean, women. Especially strong and well-spoken bitches.”

It’s a good thing that Obama isn’t the leading Democrat and a racist asked McCain a similar question — I wonder how he’d have responded then?

I really used to like you, McCain.

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McCain handled the question just fine, if you ask me. His body language suggested he was a little embarrassed and not sure how to respond.

Since Clinton is the only female candidate, who else would that word be used to describe?

VOTELESS, LipLESS, NO Blue Dress BEECH. Look up filegate, whitewater, troopergate, trail of clinton dead, campaign violations