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Thufferin Thucatash

curses.jpgSo last week, a judge up in Vancouver had to issue a public apology. He had been presiding over a criminal trial and was questioning the prosecutor during closing arguments. During this time, he uttered “oh shit,” at one point, “goddamned” at another point, and he dropped two F bombs:

At one point, he observed that the accused, whom he eventually acquitted, would “have had to have been out of his fuckin’ mind to store it in his own locker,” referring to cocaine.

Later, musing about the thoughts of another individual already convicted in the case, Judge Leasek said: “…he can minimize his risk of detection and apprehension by just aborting the whole fucking thing, right?”

Some folks weren’t pleased with this, particularly thanks to the fact that there were some young students in the courtroom at the time. So Judge Leak offered a public apology, and expressed his regrets to pretty much everyone in the whole country. Folks seemed placated by the apology and were very understanding of it all, although some folks, including the lawyers involved in the drug case, said they didn’t think any apology was necessary:

“Really, at the end of the day, I’m embarrassed,” defence lawyer Neil Cobb said. “As someone who’s spent 45 years defending the poor and the downtrodden, he didn’t deserve this maelstrom…. I felt terrible hearing him say that he was sorry.”

Asked whether it was appropriate for schoolchildren to hear such language in court, Mr. Cobb replied: “My son is 13 years old, and he’s got more offensive language than that on half the songs on his iPod.”

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Hmm... perhaps a new trend for law professors also? We can only f---ing hope.

Well, if you're suggesting that the "new trend for law professors also" is professors offering public apologies, I'd suggest you don't hold your breath. If you're suggesting that law professors may start cursing more, I'd say the odds are an even 50/50.