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Common Sense Lesson #134

joint.jpgThis one is very simple people - do not take your marijuana to the courthouse with you. That’s a valuable lesson that Ronald E. Hall, Jr. could’ve used last week when he rolled up to a Virginia courthouse with a half-ounce still in his pocket. When he emptied his pockets for a security guard, the guard looked at his weed and his cell phone and told him: “You can’t bring that crap in here.”

So Hall stepped outside of the courthouse and did what many folks apparently do with their cell phones, which aren’t allowed in the court building - he stashed it in some bushes. And, since his weed couldn’t go in either, he put the baggie there too. After he re-entered the courthouse and went about his business, the security guard called a cop, who was of course waiting for Hall when he came back.

Had he been asked for a comment, I imagine Hall would have said that the whole thing had “like totally harshed my mellow.”