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Those wacky Brits

viagra.jpgEverything about this article from The Sun is great, from it’s headline (“My human right to be horny”), to the content of the article to the use of the word “willy:”

A divorcee has accused medics of breaching his human rights by prescribing him just one Viagra tablet a week.
Dad of two George Fryer, 54, has a bend in his willy which causes erection problems.
The security guard says he is a “stallion” when on the drug and romping with girlfriend Janice Roberts, 39, in Stoke, Staffs.
But he was heartbroken when he found NHS guidelines restricted him to four tablets a month.
George – whose marriage broke up due to his problem – fumed: “This is a ban on my sex life.”
A North Staffs Primary Care Trust spokesman said: “GPs would be expected to prescribe according to an individual’s clinical needs.”

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How does viagra solve the problem of a "bend in his willy"? Wouldn't it be easier to find a girlfriend with a bend in her vajayjay?

dawn, you're my hero.

Ha! A pitfall of the NHS that Michael Moore didn't cover in "Sicko"!