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Do you see what I see?

bedazzled-eyes.jpgThis is probably my favorite Smoking Gun mugshot since that dude back in April who was charged with huffing toxic fumes.

The Smoking Gun explains the origins of this gal’s festive eyes:

JANUARY 2—Facial bedazzling? Check. Lavender, raccoonesque makeup? Check. Outstanding warrant for failing to appear in court? Check. Tracy Gassel’s New Year’s revelry ended abruptly early yesterday morning when she was arrested by cops in Meridian, Idaho. The 30-year-old Gassel, pictured in the below mug shot, was popped on an FTA charge at 2:10 and is scheduled for a January 22 court appearance. According to her MySpace page, Gassel is co-founder of Burning Desire, a Boise-based fire-dancing studio that performed New Year’s Eve at a Boise club.

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Im sorry, fire-dancing? This needs some explaining.

First google video I could find -


That's poi - wicks on chains. You also have staffs, fire breathing, and other things like that. If you're totally insane you can juggle with lit clubs.

(Sorry, don't know html)

First: How did the sparkles stay on her face when the police were shoving her damn fool ass into the squad car?

Second: Fire dancing?

And C): The HELL?!?

she looks like david bowie in the eighties...