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Those Japanese monsters are getting mighty sophisticated

gozilla.jpgGodzilla is apparently bored with all the building smashing and people stomping, so he’s found a new way to wreak havoc and destruction — in the courtroom. Seems that Subway is being sued for trademark and copyright infringement by Toho Co. (who owns Godzilla, Mothra, etc.) over its use of the mega-monster’s image in commercials for its “Five Dollar Footlong” campaign.

When asked for comment, Godzilla had this to say:

Well look, I don’t mind that they’re using my likeness without permission. I’m a monster — it happens. But what I do mind is the negative implication of this whole “footlong” business. I’ve got way more than a one-footer, if you know what I’m saying. Ask Megalon, he’ll tell you — he couldn’t shit right for a week. I’m talking half the length of a football field, son.

(Hat tip to reader Stephanie.)