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Those astronomers … nothing but trouble

lex-luthor.jpgDown in the Florida Keys, the local authorities are on the hunt for a stolen space rock. Seems there was an amateur astronomer gathering earlier this week, and by the next morning, a green-brown meteorite worth ten grand was missing.

First of all, that’s what they get for letting amateur astronomers hang around the rock. If it’d been real astronomers, this never would’ve happened. I’ve worked with real astronomers. Friends of mine are real astronomers. And frankly, real astronomers wouldn’t know how to steal something if it was put in their pocket and they were escorted out. They’re way too busy living in their own little world to think about such shenanigans, even taking into account that it’s a space rock.

But more importantly, let’s think this through. A greenish rock from space with crystals.

Uhm, hello Monroe County Sheriff’s Office. Clearly you need to be talking to Lex Luthor!

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Sounds more like a meteor collector than an astronomer. Or it was a crime of opportunity.