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This is What Happens When You Pay Teachers Peanuts …

prostiteacher.jpgThey are forced to go out and get real nuts, and by real nuts, I of course mean: Testicles.

A Cleveland High School teacher was charged with prostitution after meeting a man in an online chat room and soliciting him in a downtown Houston hotel, police told KPRC Local 2 Monday.
Police said Laurie Ann Lewis, 38, was arrested Tuesday at the Four Seasons, 1300 Lamar, in an undercover sting.
Investigators said Lewis agreed to meet her client at the hotel as an escort. She was arrested after asking for $300 to perform a sexual act, police said.

$300 for a sex act? If she can get that, she should probably give up teaching and turn tricks full time. Of course, if she’s soliciting at the Four Seasons, she ought to be able to get better than that. Obviously, she doesn’t teach economics.