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Cop Gets Carried Away with Scared Straight Routine

barbie_slut.jpgIt’s one thing to warn high schoolers of the dangers of MySpace pages, but demonstration by example is probably not the best idea when you’re showing sexual predators pictures of the very high school girls you’re talking to.

Students and parents at Windsor High School are outraged after a Wyoming police officer doing an Internet safety presentation at the school scrutinized individual students’ MySpace pages, calling the students “slutty” and saying photos on their sites invited sexual predators.
The officer, John F. Gay III of the Cheyenne Police Department, picked out six or seven Windsor High School students’ MySpace page and began to criticize photos, comments and other content until one student left the room crying
“He told the entire student body that he had shared her info with a sexual predator in prison,” said Ty [name withheld — ed.], whose daughter Shaylah [last name withheld] MySpace page was put on display.
[Name withheld] said Gay then told the student body that the predator said he would masturbate to her picture.

Officer Gay? Really? No wonder he’s such an asshole.

You know what’s worse than a cop warning a girl that her pictures are too slutty? Running the slutty girl’s full name in the newspaper. Nice job, Coloradoan!

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This story made http://detentionslip.org! Check it out for tons of crazy stories from our schools.

Because, really, is there anything more pragmatic then giving sexual preditors sexy pics of underage students?

The answer is no, no there isn't.

Hooray for home truths. Maybe that kid learned that it's not only SupaCuteOldaBoyzz!!1! looking at that crap.

Gay. Teehee.

did he REALLY give info to a pedo? or was he just trying to make a point?
i'd much rather have been sent crying from a room than to have to endure some of the crap i went through.
just a thought.