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This gal is a peach

jane-hoffman.jpgLadies and gentlemen, I present Britain’s Jane Hofmann:

When a wealthy businessman’s wife got lost in her Mercedes on the way to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, she did not stop to ask for directions.
Instead she stopped at a supermarket, bought two bottles of wine and promptly downed them.
When police pulled her over for erratic driving Jane Hofmann was so drunk she could not turn off the engine.
Experienced officers described her as the most intoxicated driver they had ever come across and she was found to be five times over the drink drive limit.

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To be fair, she was probably drunk the first time she decided to go to AA, so she was just trying to replicate the events of that day so she could find the meeting.

A BAC of 0.417%?? That's impressive. Dumb, but impressive.

Hey, every time the mapquest directions eff me and I end up hopelessly lost, the only logical solution is to down two bottles of wine. This woman's a genius.

Didn't this happen to Patsy and Eddie on an episode of AbFab? Except it was the grocery store and not an AA meeting- obviously.