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Third time’s the charm!

fatal-attraction.jpgNancy Warren is a democrat who represents the fine state of New Hampshire in the House. And her constituents must be a might proud of the fact that she was recently arrested for the third time in two months.

Back in March she was arrested for busting into the home of a neighbor. A month later, she was arrested for assault after tossing a drink in the man’s face. And then late last month she went to the guy’s house, in violation of a court order, which got her some nice trespassing and stalking charges. And she’s also awaiting trial on an assault charge stemming from an incident she had with her husband last year.

Live free or die!

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Just wanted to point out that she is a state rep. in the New Hampshire House.

Also, that it's nice to know female politicians and male politicians get the same indifference from their fellow pols when they behave badly.

And, finally, she needs to reflect on what NH poet Robert Frost noted: "Good fences make good neighbors."