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Ham on, ham on, ham on whole wheat — all right!

weird-al-fat.jpgSo there’s this dude in Long Island who runs a little music shop. And he’s been accused of selling fake Gibson guitars for $1,500 to poor, unsuspecting folks who thought these were the real deal. Last week, he was due to be arraigned, but State Supreme Court Justice Robert Doyle had to get a little creative because the accused was too fat to get into the courtroom.

How fat was he, you ask?

A svelt 500 pounds!

His lawyer brought in a doctor’s note to explain that his “severe weight problem” was due to osteoarthritis. So the judge took pitty on Fatty and held the arraignment hearing in the courthouse parking lot.

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wait... but... if you have skeletal issues, wouldn't you want to try extra hard not to be morbidly obese? you know, give your poor overburdened skeleton less work?

Why does the doctor's note matter? Would someone who weighs 500 pounds and doesn't have a note not be able to attend his own arraignment? Aren't courthouses supposed to be accessible to everyone?