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…There’s one for you, nineteen for me

get-bent-taxman.jpgHappy Tax Day, my American brethren! You may be grumbling as you hurry to finish those last Form Whatever-and-Whatnots, but not everyone hates Mr. I.R.S. In fact, Slate’s Mark Gimein loves him some Taxman.

But if you’re not of a similar mindset, and prefer to bust out with a “get bent Taxman,” well, I figure you might just need some cheering up. So take this headline for a spin:

NYT: Former AG Gonzales Struggling to Find a Job

Baaaaaaa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. This tickles my shit pink. And to all those who say that law firms are soulless succubi … well, you’re right. But at least they know where to draw a line in the sand.

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'Cause I’m the taxman, Yeaahhh, I’m the taxman.

Damn, way to get that stuck in my head!

That almost got Bel Biv Devoe's Poison out of my head. Almost.