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…Go together like a horse and carriage

hillary-talking.jpgWe’ve done our fair amount of Hillary bashing around these parts, no bones about it. Dustin and I have never tried to argue that this site is fair and balanced, and I like to think that the fact that we do wear our opinions on our iSleeves is one of the reasons we’ve managed to hold onto the small handful of fans we’ve got.

Anyway, my point is this — I’m not actually posting this link as yet another Hillary bash. In fact, Slate’s article about her marriage with Bill could easily go either way. If I wanted to spin it into a pro-Hillary post, I could. And I could just easily use it to write a scathing “Hillary sucks” post. But it’s far too interesting an article and a take on the Clinton love to be pigeon-holed one way or the other. Here’s a taste:

While their union is unconventional, it also remains intense in ways a lot of more traditional marriages just aren’t after 30-plus years. Sally Bedell Smith, who spent three years researching her book on the couple, For Love of Politics, says their relationship still boils down to what Bill Clinton told his mom about why he was marrying Hillary: “I need someone I can talk to.” Barging in on the two of them in the heat of a political discussion is, by some accounts, almost like walking in on another couple having sex. “The one scene that sums it up for me,” Smith says, “is one day in September of 2000, when they had both just given speeches, and she was in the campaign van and he was leaning in and they were staring into each others eyes” in a way that made aides who witnessed the scene wish they were anywhere else. “They were staring into each other’s eyes, and it was described to me as a moment of rapture. It’s always been a different kind of marriage, but if you define your passion in those terms, yeah, it’s there.”

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How exactly does one remove vomit from inside a keyboard?

Awww. I actualy think that's kind of sweet. In an icky, too much sugar in my coffee kind of way. As long as I don't have to witness it.

Hey Guys: You're right. It could go either way and I gotta say, after 30 years, that's way cool.