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There’s nothing for me to say here

trif.jpgThis story, from Yahoo! News is entitled “Once, twice, three times arrested,” and the article really covers everything about as succinctly as one can:

ONEIDA, N.Y. - A central New York man hit the criminal justice trifecta, three arrests in three hours. Kevin Rich, 40, was charged early Sunday morning with soliciting money from people and loitering.
A little more than an hour later he was charged with disorderly conduct for stepping in front of a vehicle, causing the driver, an off-duty police officer, to slam on his brakes.
Around 2:30 that same morning, police say Rich was arrested a third time after taking money from people after telling them he ran out of gas and needed to get to another town. Police say Rich has no car.
Rich was sent to the Madison County Jail and is due back in court later this week.

I wonder if, after the second arrest, the cops started betting on how long it would be before they saw Mr. Rich for a third time. And actually, I’m surprised they tossed him into the clink after the third time. If it were me, I’d keep letting him go to see how long he could carry this thing out for. I mean, they might’ve blown a potential Guinness record here! …Ingrates.