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There’s no accounting for taste

CLumbrella.jpgLast week, someone broke into the baseball stadium used by the New Orleans Zephyrs and stole a Coors Light truck, making off with 51 kegs of the silver bullet! They also snagged about ten grand worth of groundskeeping equipment, but they didn’t try to break into any of the offices to find some truly good steal-worthy stuff. And because they opted for the beer truck over the offices, the Zephyrs’ GM thinks the thieves must be a bunch of idiots: “You would think somebody who was going to break into a place like this would try to be subtle. … We couldn’t believe somebody was leaving the stadium driving a beer truck. I don’t know where they thought they were going to go with it.”

Not far, as it turned out.
Sheriff’s deputies recovered most of the stolen property that afternoon and the next evening within two miles of the stadium, according to Sheriff’s Office reports. The beer truck was intact, parked near an abandoned house with the keys in the ignition.

All isn’t lost for the thieving idiots, however, because: (a) the Sheriff’s Office doesn’t have any named suspects yet; and (b) there were only 38 kegs on the truck, meaning they got away with thirteen kegs of Coors.

Of course, I’m not sure whether having thirteen kegs of Coors Lite should exactly be considered a good thing.

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Only in New Orleans, baby!!!