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There’s Always Room for … Ah, Screw It

maxim-0003.JPGA Manhattan judge had the common sense this week to toss out a lawsuit brought by a NYU student who broke his hip at a Jell-O wrestling party.

Avram Wisnia was an NYU junior in 2004 when he and his dorm mates organized a party called “Beach Bash.” While horsing around a kiddie pool filled with gelatin, Wisnia was pushed and shattered his hip, his lawsuit said.
Wisnia’s 2005 lawsuit blamed NYU for allowing the event and for having the school’s food service provide the gelatin. But Manhattan Justice Carol Robinson Edmead ruled that Wisnia knew what he was doing.

Dude: If you break your hip while Jell-O wrestling, the last thing in the world you want to do is bring even more attention to it by filing a silly lawsuit. Your parents must be so proud.

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People hate taking responsibility for their actions. That's why they need lawyers! How else could we hope to have work?