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The Worst Come on … Ever.

anderson-insidesmall-110107.jpgA dentist out in California is getting strung up on something like 4,000 charges of sexual misconduct, stemming from inappropriate contact he had with at least 20 female patients, ranging in age from 23 to 61. Mark Anderson, who is married and has seven children, is facing a suspension of his license.

Apparently, Anderson was out of line in asking women about their skin and breasts and making comments about boob jobs, feeling up a 28-year-old at one point and saying, “They did a good job. You can’t even feel the bags.”

But here’s the highlight of the complaint:

At least 11 women told authorities that Anderson, 48, assured them the massages were part of their clinical treatment for abnormalities in the temporomandibular joint in the jaw.
“Respondent explained to E.G. that the muscles in the jaw are connected to the neck, and the neck is connected to the shoulders and chest,” the document claims, referring to a 23-year-old patient who visited Anderson in 2002 or 2003. “Then, Respondent massaged the contour of E.G.’s breasts for about a minute.”

Wow! This dentist managed to convince 11 women that copping a feel was part of their dental exams? But, look at the guy. If I were a woman, I’d never walk into that man’s office — there’s just something about that creepy-pedo smile that says, “I am going to molest you during your root canal.”

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I think I read that he had repeat patients... what does say about THEM?

Wait... ages 23 to 61? Well, at least he doesn't discriminate against senior citizens.