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Ah, Come On! What’s the Big Deal?

capt.a5.jpgOut in Virginia, a judge has been removed from his post for showing a little character on the bench. I don’t see what the big deal is, personally. In a child custody dispute, when asked to decide who would get custody on Christmas — either the mother or the father — Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court Judge James Michael Shull decided to flip a coin. Big deal — is that so egregious? Not that that was his only offense, mind you.

The pants-dropping incidents, the court said, “were even more egregious.”
The court said they occurred when a woman was seeking a protective order against a partner who she said had stabbed her in the leg. Shull knew the woman had a history of mental problems and insisted on seeing the wound, the court said.
The woman dropped her pants once to display the wound, then dropped them a second time after Shull left the bench for a closer look to determine whether the woman had received stitches.
A court bailiff testified before the commission that after the hearing, he asked Shull, “Did you see what that lady had on?” According to the bailiff, Shull replied: “Yeah, a black lacy thing … it looked good, didn’t it?”

Boo! Hiss! The man just wanted an eyeful of nethertrim. And he asked a second time so he could get a close-up. Can you blame the guy? She was mentally ill — he was simply abusing his state-given powers to take advantage of of an unwell woman. I mean, really — that’s what it’s for, right? If you can’t exploit your powers for a glance at skin, then there’s no point in becoming a judge at all, then. Well, I hope for Shull’s case that Hooter’s still allows him to judge this year’s buffalo-sauce t-shirt contest.