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The wee wee-wee defense

flasher.jpgOn the other side of the pond, Michael Carney was facing a host of charges relating to exposing himself to women. And the alleged flasher presented an interesting defense during his trial, claiming that he was so ashamed of his small pecker that he’d never intentionally share it:

It causes embarrassment to myself, even to the point where it is with my wife. I wouldn’t want myself to be seen in public like that. My genitals are underdeveloped and it is so much smaller than average.

Carney went on to show the jury pictures of his Little Brit, but the jury was having none of it, convicting him of six different flashings. Even if they did buy his argument, one imagines they might’ve convicted him anyway, just as punishment for being forced to look at pictures of his little man. Cheerio!

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Wait, so his crime was making people look at his penis, and he got an entire jury to look at pictures of his penis? That's kinda brilliant.