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It’s good to be the judge

airport-security.jpgSuppose you have a permit to carry a concealed weapon, and you keep a gun in your purse because you’ve received death threats before. Makes sense. And maybe you’re running late for the airport and forget to take the gun from your purse. When the loaded gun is found in your purse at a security checkpoint, you would undoubtedly get in a bit of trouble. And I assure you that you’d get prosecuted.

But if you’re a judge, not so much. County prosecutors in Ann Arbor, Michigan, have decided not to charge a judge who had this exact scenario happen to her because they say “[t]here’s insufficient proof” that she knowingly possessed the handgun.

For fuck’s sake. As I say, there’s no way that average Joe Citizen wouldn’t have the book thrown at them. I declare major shenanigans here.

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agreed shenanigans!