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The Washington Post Lets Me Down

wpLogo_250x42.gifEr … Wow! This story was so “important,” it made the WaPo, which even took up some valuable real estate with a picture. I mean, it’s one thing when Britney Spears disturbs the peace (that’s news worthy of a front page headline!), but Gary Coleman? Arnold gets 250 words in the WaPo’s Arts & Living Section?! C’mon now, surely Paris Hilton was sporting a new hairdo or something. Where the hell was Lindsay Lohan? Have things gotten so bad in the hard-news world that Arnold banging his hands on his steering wheel and waving his arms around in a parking lot warrants an actual news story? It was a fucking citation, for God’s sake. There are more important things, you know. Didn’t anyone hear that Star Jones admitted to gastric bypass surgery? Now, that’s an important story. I’m really disappointed in you, Washington Post — you had an opportunity to give us some real,hard-hitting news — like the fact that Anne Hathaway got into a fight with her boyfriend — and instead, you give us this crappy little story about a midget who hasn’t been relevant in 20 years.

Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. It’s a sad day when the NY Post is more relevant than WaPo