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The Silence of the Lambs

blackSheep.jpgI’m still not convinced that this story isn’t an Onion-type gag, so take this with a big, fat grain of salt. In the Netherlands, 36-year-old Bert Meijer was facing charges of animal bestiality. Christiann de Jong, a local farmer, found Meijer hanging out on his grounds. With a flock of sheep. And without his pants. And holding a sheep from behind.

So de Jong called the police and Meijer was arrested. However, he was later released because the charges wouldn’t stick. And the reason they wouldn’t stick is because, apparently, Dutch law says that bestiality isn’t a crime. The only way to prosecute someone is if it could be proven that the sheep had suffered emotional distress. De Jong was bothered by this outcome, saying “I know my sheep and can tell that the animal was traumatised.”

When Meijer was asked for a comment, he said that the sheep was begging for it. I hope he doesn’t ever move to New Zealand, because I’ve seen Black Sheep and I just don’t think they’d take his kind of, uhm, treatment down there.