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The Daily Memo - 8/6/07

check.jpg“Senate Democrats cave - agree to give Bush more power to spy on Americans than ever before.” (Crooks and Liars)

check.jpgSenator Mark Pryor (D-AR) wants to expand the V-chip censorship capabilities. (Engadget)

check.jpgYarrrrr, matey - there be pirates on thy plane! (Above the Law)

check.jpgThe Free Flow of Information Act, a bill pending before the House, seeks to create a federal privilege for journalists trying to protect anonymous sources. (Concurring Opinions)

check.jpg“Christian court watchers keep tabs on judges.” (CNN)

check.jpgThe TTAB continues to, foolishly, refuse the idea of a rebuttable presumption that PTO records are accurate. (The TTABlog via Likelihood of Confusion)

check.jpgMexican charges against Dog the Bounty Hunter have been dropped. (TV Squad)