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The New York Giants can’t even be the best when it comes to shooting yourself

bullett.jpgLast Sunday the New York Football Giant were embarrassed at home by a hungry and expectations-free squad of Philly Eagles. Good times. Part of the reason the Gints couldn’t get it done was because they were without their star receiver Plaxico Burress, who’s often been a tall pile of trouble for the Eagles secondary. Burress wasn’t playing because he’s been suspended since late November, when the asshat shot himself in the thigh in a nightclub.

But that’s nothing because some mega-asshat in Florida (natch) managed to shoot himself in the arm without a fucking gun. Seems that Howard Sheppard was playing with some rounds of ammunition when one of the rounds managed to discharge and send a bullet soaring into his arm.

How’s that happen, you ask? As the cops eventually figured out when pressing him for details, it may have had something to with the fact that Sheppard had put a bullet into a vice clamp and set up a metal punch next to it. And then he hit the punch with a fucking hammer. Blammo — bullet in the arm.

(Hat tip to Sharon)

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What the hell happened to you in FL? Look my 88 year old aunt was just arrested for shoplifting Mum for the CVS. Why are you covering that?