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Fish Fight

an-14-fish.jpgWhen I read the headline “naked man with raw trout beats shoe salesman” I was a little worried someone had stolen my ultimate fantasy. Not so much the naked and shoe salesman part, but it has been a lifelong dream to smack someone across the face with a raw, wet fish (like in the Asterix comics). Preferably a person I dislike, but I’m pretty sure if it was my grandma I’d still enjoy the hell out of it.

Anyhoodle, a shoe salesman from Weert (Netherlands), got bitten in the arm yesterday morning by a naked man holding a trout. The 25 year old parked his bicycle against the shoe store and walked in wearing nothing but a wool hat and shoes. In his hand he had a raw trout, out of which he occasionally took a bite. Since it’s the dead of winter, salesman Robert van Dooren asked him if he wasn’t a little cold, but the man denied this. Robert informed the police (who happened to be patrolling the area), but on seeing their uniforms the man became agitated and started to attack the shoe racks in the store. Eventually they were able to wrestle him to the floor, but in doing so the man bit down hard on Robert’s arm. The man had apparently escaped from a local open psychiatric ward. He has now been moved to a closed ward, charges are pending.