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The Misguided Efforts of Vigilante Justice

pornfiction.jpgOh, man: Folks really need to check the volume on their televisions before they pop in their DVD copies of Oklohomo or Pump Friction, especially if neighbors are close by.

So, get this: A dude out in Wisconsin was in his own home, watching porn, and taking care of his business. Suddenly, his door busts open and a man comes in with a three-foot long sword. That’s gotta do wonders for a guy’s erection, eh?

As it turned out, Bret Stieghorst’s neighbor, James Van Iveren, mistook that porn for a woman being raped. And being the good neighbor he is, instead of calling the cops, he decided he’d take care of the situation himself. You know, ninja style.

He’s been charged with criminal damage to property and trespassing. Stieghorst, meanwhile, has been charged with failing to discharge a loaded weapon.

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I think a part of the problem is that it's Wisconsin. They probably still watching non-interacial Missonary and what-not.

Here in the city of brotherly love nobody can get off unless it's tweleve black men and one small Asian girl being humilated and nearly choked to death on cock. If he heard what I watch he wouldn't have come down unless he had some friends and lots of guns.

Turns out the nice old chap downstairs who was only trying to help had previous run ins with the law for impersenating a police officer and threatening to kill his mom.

Not very stable!

My school computer let me on here but not on the game sites