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The Jabba-the-Hut Defense

jabba-the-hut.jpgMayra Rosales was recently facing charges for allegedly killing her baby nephew by beating him to death. Horrible story — the two-year-old was struck in the head twice and died as a result and his mother thinks that Rosales, who was watching the boy, is responsible.

Rosales’ attorneys, meanwhile, have argued that she couldn’t possibly have done it because she’s too big to move around and lift her arms. How big, you ask?

Almost one thousand pounds. That’s almost half a fucking ton!

The child’s mother, Rosales’ sister, thinks that the death may have been the result of Rosales rolling onto the boy. …Jesus.

Rosales is currently under house arrest (to steal a phrase from Weird Al: when Rosales sits around the house, she really sits around the house) pending a trial.

Of course, one has to ask — if Rosales is so fucking big that she can barely move or function on her own, why exactly was the kid’s mom happy and content to leave her child in Rosales’ care in the first place? Not that I’m blaming the mother in any way for the kid’s death, I’m just saying.

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Why was a baby left with this adult... they are obviously disabled and can not take care of themselves - much less an infant. Ridiculous!

I think this definitely falls under the mother's blame. As a parent, you have to decide when and with whom to leave your children.

Just as you should NOT leave your child unattended, you must NOT leave your child with an adult that can not physically take care of them!

The mother is ABSOLUTELY liable. Also, I'm of the unorthodox opinion that anyone who feeds a person weighing nearly 1,000 lbs. should be subject to prosecution as well.

A woman across the street from me was arrested because her toddler ingested a pill that he found under grandmother's couch. No one knew the pill was there, and they thought they had gotten it out of his mouth in time, but the little boy died. And the mom got 3 years probation because of this! So don't tell me not to blame the mother, because she is a hell of a lot more at fault here than my neighbor was.