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See Keith, you should’ve been watching football

Last night kicked off the 2008 NFL season and, except for the fact that Jason Campbell is my starting fantasy quarterback this week and he utterly shart the bed, last night was wonderful. Especially because it gave me a legit excuse to skip most of the RNC Convention coverage except for McCain’s speech.

Apparently, a 9/11 “tribute” video was shown during the convention and from Olbermann’s take on it, I didn’t miss much:

Keith, you’re a former sportscaster You should’ve known that Redskins/Giants was the better way to go. Remember your roots, man, remember your roots!

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Here's the video with Olberman's reaction afterwards:


Pretense, thy name is Olbermann.

You know, I was watching his coverage of the convention and it reminded me of myself when I thought up a bunch of really clever things to say that I wasn't sure I could get away with. Should I say it? No, it'll make the way I feel too obvious and I'm supposed to be a neutral observer. But still, it's really good. Well and a neutral observer still observes, right? But, you know, it might weaken my claims that Fox is biased... Fuck it.

I am so in love with this man...

I want to have his Oblerbabies!

Good God, Jason Campbell is your starting fantasy QB??

I don't want to have ANYBODY's babies, & thankfully I'm not equipped to in the 1st place.
But Mr. Olberman's cathartic release of the general public's overall disgusted attitude towards 'idiocracy' in this administration is such a breath of fresh air for all who watch him- the man is simply vital to our political discourse and sheer amazement at the continued outrageous activities of this administration-
I'm just so grateful we have him to balance out against Faux News & other obviously partisan entities that are rampant in Washington these days.

I'm just not convinced that the way to counteract Fox's brand of discourse is by prostituting your own objectivism. The country needs honest discourse, not self-aggrandizing posturing. What I wrote was about Olbermann in general, not about what he said about the 9/11 display in particular. I mean, frankly, I think that "objective journalism" is a fiction anyway (not because it doesn't exist but because it can't), though it is a worthy ideal to strive for, but MSNBC already had panels to discuss what went on at the convention and passing judgement on the goings on would have been much more appropriate in that forum.

And really, the viewers know MSNBC is not responsible for the content being produced by the RNC. Did he think their audience was incapable of deciding that the 9/11 display was inappropriate and explotative? Did he think that their role as a news organization would have been better served by censoring the display and then telling people after the break that the Republicans had done something really inappropriate? No, but he enjoys playing tough, condescending, and important, so he added his apology that could achieve nothing but furthering that image of himself.

It's whatever, I happen to agree with him that the piece was tasteless and I oppose the war myself, but if he's going to break with his role as dispassionnate observer, why not do it in a way that might actually sway the views of people who fell prey to the message of the video? As far as I'm concerned his preening amounted to public masturbation for the entertainment of his faithful.