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The Ice Cream Man Cometh

ice-cream-truck.jpgIn Portsmouth, Virginia, Claudio Jose Sanchez fought the good fight. Sanchez is an ice cream truck driver, and how can you not love the ice cream man? Well it seems that the Portsmouth City Council are a bunch of curmudgeons who inexplicably don’t like the ice cream man, because they passed a city ordinance banning Sanchez and other ice cream truck drivers from playing music out of their trucks to lure bring in the kiddies. Sanchez was convicted of violating the ordinance on three seperate occasions over the summer, and decided to appeal the most recent conviction.

Well Portsmouth city attorneys have now agreed to ask the City Council to revise the ordinance, removing the flat-out ban and maybe setting up a decibel limit instead. They’re also asking the Portsmouth police to stop enforcing the current ordinance. As Sanchez’s attorney put it: “The city of Portsmouth can welcome back the ice-cream man and the music of ‘The Entertainer.’”


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This would be more upsetting if ice cream trucks didn't play such creepy, creepy music! Perhaps they should change the ordinance to require ice cream trucks to play something that doesn't make you want to run and hide when you hear it?

That's the cleanest ice cream truck I've ever seen.

The ice cream truck that went by my house played "La Cucaracha". My mother was convinced that they were selling weed out of it. Her theory was that you asked for a certain kind of ice cream and they'd hide the baggie in the cone underneath.