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David Lat: The Biggest Loser


The results of Sui Generis’ “Best New York Based Law Blawger” are in, and I’m told that I was the “clear winner.” That’s right, folks. Landslide. Did you hear that, David Lat? What do you say to that, bitch? How do you feel about it, huh? I wiped the floor with your shirt, hotshot. Kicked. Your. Ass. Yeah, that’s right — when it comes right down to it, people prefer my half-assed ramblings on the nature of the criminal legal system to all that hooey about biglaw salaries and hottie contests. How does it feel, captain? You and your big-time blockbuster blawg getting hosed by the likes of little ole’ me. Sure, you have a Wikipedia entry, but I’m the most popular NY-based blawger in town. A lot of good that Yale law degree did you, huh buddy? The people have spoken, and the people say: You suck. Pack up your knives and leave, loser. There’s a new blawgstar in town, and his name is me. Suck it, Lat. Long and hard and …

What? Lat isn’t a NY-based blogger. He wasn’t even in the running? Seriously? Ah, hell. Damn you, David Lat. Damn you and your sparkly eyes, nice suits, and indeterminate sexual orientation.

Seriously, though: Thanks for the votes, folks. And thanks to the good people over on our sister site for contributing to the cause. You’ll now have to suffer my massive ego. And thanks to Nicole for hosting the contest. I’m giddy about selecting my single item from Billable Hour (luxury watch line and sets excluded).

And next time, Lat. You just wait. Next time.

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I wonder how much winning something like this changes your demographic... Will the reader's taste in humor remain the same? Will we hate Florida with equal enthusiasm?
I hope we do not go too far from our humble beginings.