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The Heavy Hand of the Law

060531_scoop_lohan_vmed_1p.widec.jpgLindsay Lohan, who has been arrested this year for DUI and for chasing the SUV of her assistant’s mother and in both instances was found in possession of cocaine, turned herself into authorities yesterday to serve her prison sentence.

Our fine justice system threw the book at her. LL was forced to serve a long, agonizing, miserable 84-minute prison sentence. That’s right — almost the length of an average movie. I don’t know why she was so harshly punished, but I think we need to take a good long hard look at our penal system. Prison sentences have gotten out of hand — nearly 90 minutes! It’s just going to harden this woman more.

I hope that her lawyers get involved — that sentence did not fit the crime. The city ought to be sued for cruel and unusual punishment. Our power-hungry law enforcers have gotten out of hand. Out. of. Hand. Just because she’s a celebrity does not mean that she should be made an example — sentences that lengthy should be reserved for people who deserve them. Like murderers. And pedophiles. This sweet little girl shouldn’t have gotten a second over three minutes.

Hang in there, Linsday . We’re all praying for you.