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The Going Rate for Copping a Kiddie Feel? $5

j_goble_class.jpgWere these teachers simply dumb, or was there something more sinister at work:

A class of third-grade students at a western Kentucky elementary school was searched by a group of teachers after an envelope containing $5 disappeared, a school official said.
The students at Martin Luther King Elementary in Hopkinsville were asked to remove their shoes and socks during the search. School officials say four teachers had physical contact with the 17 students, and some were patted down.”The way they treat our students is ridiculous,” said Zlatko Skuljan, the father of a 9-year-old girl in the class.

What the hell? Pat downs for a $5 bill? How hard do you have to pat a kid down to determine if there is a slip of paper beneath the fabric? Why don’t you just ask the kids to empty their goddamn pockets? Man, I’d be pretty pissed if I was a parent, too.

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To be fair, $5 is probably almost an hour's pay for teachers...I'd want to get my damn money back too