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Sh*t or Get off the Pot

HomeToiletImage2.jpgSomebody really had to take a leak:

An 18-year-old man suffered five stab wounds to the stomach in a fight over how long he was taking in the bathroom of a home in the Linda Vista area, authorities said Tuesday. An argument between the victim and a 28-year-old man who lived at the home escalated into a fight in which three of the man’s friends jumped in and began fighting with the victim, Dare said.
A friend of the victim, a 41-year-old man, came to his aid and the two armed themselves with sticks, Dare added. During the fight, the man who lived at the home and his friends threw bottles at the victim and his friend, and one armed himself with a knife and stabbed the victim five times in the stomach, he said.

Damn! You know what you do when they won’t get out of the restroom? Pee in the sink, motherfucker. There’s considerably less bloodshed.