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The FAA … we love ‘em!

f-u-faa.jpgFolsom, Pennsylvania is about a half-hour southwest of Philly, and pretty close to Philly’s International Airport (and not too far from where yours truly growed up). And that’s where Michael Hall and his girlfriend live (and she’s got a great name - Michaelene Buddy!). Turns out that Hall and Buddy* are sick of all the jets that have been flying over their home since the FAA changed departing flight paths last month.

Hall has had to resort to sleeping with earplugs, and when he and Buddy weren’t able to leave a message with the FAA’s noise-complaint hotline, that was the last straw! They took measures into their own hands, putting that little message on the left on their roof.

Unsurprisingly, the FAA spokesman had no comment.

* “Buddy and Hall” is a cop show waiting to happen, ain’t it?