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blueprints.jpgMarie Cooley was flipping through a newspaper one day when she happened upon the classified ads. And lo and behold if she didn’t see a job listing that sounded an awful lot like her job. “Shenanigans,” she thought to herself. “Them sons of bitches are going to fire me.”

So Cooley did what any level-headed person about to get fired would do — she started pooling all her money together, making a little rainy day nest egg.

Naaaaah … she snuck into her office late on a Sunday night and hopped on the company server, where she proceeded to delete seven years’ worth of architectural drawings, valued at about $2.5 million!

If Cooley is looking for a job that lasts a while, she may wind up on kitchen duty for a good five years, now that she’s confessed to the second degree felony.

It’s a relatively happy, albeit pricey, ending for the architect firm at least, as they were able to have all the files recovered after spending a good hunka change.

And here’s the clincher: the firm’s owner says that Cooley wasn’t going to be fired! The job listing was for a business his wife runs.

Do I need to mention that Cooley is a Florida gal?