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The emphasis is clearly on the “exotic” part of “exotic dancer.”

skulls.jpgOk, so there’s this crazy motherfucker living in New Jersey (I know, that description fits many Garden Staters - I’ll get more specific). On April 28, said crazy motherfucker, one Mister Sean McDonough, was arrested after pinning one of his roommates to the floor for over 5 hours, holding a knife to her neck and a shotgun (“but it was unloaded!”) to her head, all-the-while threatening to gut her. As one might imagine, he’s currently got some criminal charges pending from this stupid little ordeal. But this isn’t even what I’m really writing about.

LindaKay.jpgSee, last week the cops got a call that McDonough was suicidal and threatening to bash his own head in with a hammer. When they showed up, said crazy motherfucker was nowhere to be found, but another roommate of his stepped in to fill the crazy motherfucker void. This crazy motherfucker was one Linda Kay, a 31-year-old exotic dancer at Hott 22 (that’s Ms. Hotness over there on the right, who uses the stage name “Zilla,” by the way). While checking out the house, the cops found that Ms. Kay was keeping a jar of formaldehyde in her bedroom, and in that jar was a severed human hand. They then found six human skulls hanging out in another part of the house. Needless to say, she was promptly arrested and charged with improper disposal of human remains. The cops aren’t sure where the human body parts came from, although a friend says that the hand was gifted to her by a medical student who enjoyed her nudie shows, while her mother claims she got the skulls from a mail order catalog.

Well, be warned kids, because crazy motherfucker Kay has apparently skipped out on her bail, opting out of attending yesterday’s arraignment hearing. Maybe she was heading out to Minneapolis for a zombie dance party?

A former roommate (the one who crazy motherfucker McDonough threatened to gut) says that they’re both “lunatics” and that their house had a “cult-like environment.” Calling them lunatics seems a little harsh. I mean, it’s not like she had a nickname for the hand or anything.

…er, strike that. Her friends say she referred to the hand as “Freddy.”

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Freddy got fingered?

Sorry. It's a hand named Freddy. It had to be done.

dude.. theyre not gonna hurt anybody. just dont cross them. im so sick of reading stories about this. get a fucking life. theyre people, too (as hard as that may be to believe), not just a story. if this is the reaction this thing got im glad i was a minor at the timeand noone knows who i am. fuck. jesus.