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zombies1.jpgZombies love brains. It’s as simple as that. But the zombies also love the dancing parties. You’ve heard that, right? Zombie dance parties are all the rage! Well, some have put two and two together and figured out that the best way to cut down on unwarranted brain eating is to keep an eye on these zombie dance parties, scooping the undead up in-bulk. So it was that seven zombies were recently arrested by Minneapolis cops.

As bizarre as the story already is just for being about zombies getting arrested, it gets better when you find out why they were arrested. Not for brain eating, which would make total sense. No sir, these dancing zombies were arrested under the suspicion of carrying around weapons of mass destruction! Turns out they had some curious bags with wires sticking out of them. While the zombies claim they were merely jury-rigged backpacks holding their stereos (convenient excuse, considering they were at a dance party), the cops say they looked like bombs. In addition to hauling around these potential bombs, the cops say that the zombies were acting with “suspicious and disturbing” behaviour, were trying to use their “ghoulish” appearance to intimidate folks, and were uncooperative with the police. An inspector summed it up nicely, with this rhetorical and circularly logical question: “Given the circumstance of them being uncooperative…why whould you have those (bags) if not to intimidate people?”

Of course, this whole thing defies basic zombie logic. If zombies blow people up, the brains get all splattered, and everyone knows zombies like their brains whole.


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I just stumbled onto your bog out of pure chance. The folks arrested here were friends of mine (one of them is an ex-roommate, and another has done child care for me), and they do Zombie Dance Parties periodically. It involves going to a public place, dressed like zombies, and dancing to music they carry in their backpacks.
I belive that before they were let go, with no charges, there was a 30,000 dollar bail.