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The Daily Memo - 9/12/07

check.jpgChief Justice Rehnquist liked Bill Clinton about as much as Caligula. (Above the Law)

check.jpgA judge is being sued by a rape victim because he wouldn’t let her use the words “rape,” “victim” or “assailant” during the rape trial. (Law.com)

check.jpgBlawg Review #125 is the worst one ever. Seriously. (Real Lawyers Have Blogs)

check.jpgYesterday, the Third Circuit heard oral arguments on whether Janet’s wardrobe malfunction “was indecent, or merely a fleeting and accidental glitch.” (WSJ Law Blog)

check.jpgNew legislation has been introduced to provide for better nuclear safety. (Slashdot)

check.jpg“The fight to fill judicial vacancies grows ever weirder.” (Slate)

check.jpgFormer Ravens linebacker Peter Boulware is planning to run for a seat in the Florida Legislature next year. (ESPN)

check.jpgNTP, known for its massive lawsuit against Blackberry, is now setting its sites on national cell phone carriers over mobile e-mail. (Engadget)

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Thanks for the kind words on my Blawg Review. Next time I'll remember to use the half clad women like displayed in your ads here.

Hey Kevin - sorry if you feel my critique was a bit blunt and/or that you seem to have taken it personally. While your post seems to be a fine Blogging 101 entry, the fact remains that it's a terrible Blawg Review entry. From the Blawg Review website: "Each weekly issue of Blawg Review is made up of article submissions selected from the best recent law blog posts."

Your entry doesn't include posts from other legal blogs over the past week. Instead, it features articles and links about blogging in general. As I say, seems a fine "Welcome to the World of Blogging" piece, but it's not even close to being what Blawg Review is ostensibly about.

And as for our apparently reprehensible ads featuring half-clad women, well, we make no apologies about the fact that we try to make a smattering of coin while having fun with our site. If anything, I'd be more offended by how skinny Kiera looks in that ad, rather than by the fact that she's scantily clad.

In gest Seth with my comment on your ads and I've violated a key rule of blogging, that be to blog with thick skin.

Understand the liberty I took with the terms of Blawg Review - intent was to expand horizons of lawyers as to what lawyer blogs can be. From what I can tell it's been fairly well received.