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Killing Time in West Virginia

west-virginia.gifWhen you think of West Virginia, you automatically think of illiterate hillbillies, racists trailer trash, and gun-toting homophobes, right? Seriously, I once drove through West Virginia, and even though I never stepped out of my car, I still left the state with ticks.

Of course, a group of racist fucktards aren’t helping to dispel the stereotypes about West Virginians. The details are beginning to emerge about one seriously messed up kidnapping situation. Apparently, some racist trailer trash (eight people in all) captured a black woman, locked her in the shed out back of their trailer, and tortured the living mess out of her. She was sexually assaulted, beaten, and forced to eat rat droppings, for God’s sake. Not only that, the white captors “choked her with a cable cord, poured hot water over her and stabbed her in the leg while calling her a racial slur.”

Oh, and she was also forced to drink out of the toilet.

Eight people, most of whom had prior criminal records (including manslaughter), were arrested and charged with a slew of crimes. It is not known yet how the woman ended up on the property. The FBI is also considering prosecuting under hate crime laws.

Remind me again never to kill time in West Virginia.

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I read this story today and was completely horrified. How all of these people could do that to another person is not something to comfortably contemplate...

And I just read somewhere that the Feds have decided not to prosecute as a hate crime. Either way, I'm just nauseous.

Wait - they AREN'T prosecuting it as a hate crime? WTF?!?!?