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The Daily Memo - 8/31/07

check.jpgApple has been sued … again … this time “over alleged violations of accessibility laws” in its San Francisco retail store. (Engadget)

check.jpgA slew of folks (including AOL, Amazon, Borders, Google and Yahoo) have been sued for patent infringement involving the automatic interpretation of e-mails. (Download Squad)

check.jpg“[P]ursuant to a settlement, Augusten Burroughs has agreed to no longer refer to Running With Scissors as a ‘memoir,’ but instead a ‘book,’ and add materials to future editions making clear that the book is only loosely based on his life.” (ALOTT5MA)

check.jpgA judge rules that it doesn’t matter if she lies online and tells you she’s 18 when she’s really 14, i.e., stay away from underage poon, you perv! (ars technica)

check.jpg“Bobby Brown claims in a lawsuit that Whitney Houston has kept him from seeing their teenage daughter.” …Can you blame her? (Not that she’s much better.) (CNN)

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