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A QuizLaw Update: Hang ‘Em if You Got ‘Em

rickperry.jpgGood news out of Texas. A few weeks ago, we told you about the case of Kenneth Foster, who was sentenced to death under Texas’ absurd Law of Parties statute, which basically makes you equally guilty of a crime your buddy commits if you’d shared a cigarette the night before. Here, Kenneth Foster was about 100 yards away, and allegedly had no prior knowledge of what was about to happen, when a friend of his shot another man to death. Foster, despite never pulling a trigger, was sentenced to death.

Well last night, in an extremely rare move, Texas Governor Rick Perry commuted Foster’s sentence to life in prison. How rare? Well, Perry apparently only grants clemency when he’s pressured by the Supreme Court, and has done so in the case of two mentally retarded men and twenty something juveniles. Of course, bloodthirsty Perry will have plenty more opportunities to satiate his need to kill: There are five more executions scheduled for September and, if all goes as planned, 33 people will be put to death in 2007.