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The Daily Memo - 8/1/06

check.jpgA call to arms, as some state ballots are attempting to further politicize local courts and whittle away judicial independence. (Slate)

check.jpgAn Iowa sheriff allegedly stole over $100,000 from a suspect’s car which had almost $800,000 in it. (MSNBC)

check.jpgThe good guys at Fox News are apparently close to settling a sex discrimination lawsuit stemming from four women who were allegedly harassed by a marketing executive. (Variety)

check.jpgThe attorney of a Florida man convicted of killing six people over an Xbox is now trying to keep the man off death row by arguing that he was just scared and stupid. (NBC6)

check.jpgAn Indiana town official got busted trying to steal funds from the town when he paid himself more money than was in the budget. (Chicago Sun-Times)