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The Daily Memo - 7/9/08

check.jpgShotgun plus whiskey glass attachment equals Southern harmony. (Legal Antics)

check.jpgAfter playing Tim Allen’s son on TV for years, a Tasing must surely be a step up in life, no? So why the lawsuit? (The Blemish)

check.jpgJudge Fatty Boombalatty lost her lawsuit and now has to run (or moto-scooter very slowly) for re-election. (Above the Law)

check.jpgJohn Kerry says want-to-be president John McCain is very different from Senator John McCain, complete with judgment that could be “dangerous for our country.” (The Raw Story)

check.jpgUhm … “world-famous Russian Cat Clown,” lawsuit, blahblahblah. Cat Clown. World-famous, no less. I’m … … I got nothing. (WSJ Law Blog)

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I saw that cat circus and I should sue that russian clown jerk for wasting my time and money! all it was was a bunch of russian mimes pulling doped up cats around in wagons and shit. BORRRRRRING! okay, the cat doing a handstand in his palm was impressive, but that was the only cat trained to do anything besides sit in something being pulled by a human or a dog. the worst was one this clown chick came out with fifty hula hoops, leading me to believe that the cats were going to leap through them. No. That would make too much sense at a cat circus. Instead she just put them around herself and did two sad hulas before all 50 hoops clattered to the ground. simply awful.