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The Daily Memo - 6/28/07

check.jpgIn Rome, an Italian man was on the stand, testifying as to charges that he killed his American girlfriend, when he had a heart attack and died. (SignOnSanDiego)

check.jpg“The Utah Court of Appeals rejected an ex-fiance’s request to recover thousands of dollars spent during his engagement on a vasectomy, a cruise to Alaska, a trip to France and other purchases.” (My Way News)

check.jpgSo wait - it’s illegal to register your dog to vote? Since when?! (The Seattle Times)

check.jpgShould the taxpayers have to cover the costs of a murderer getting a sex change? (Newsday and Overlawyered)

check.jpgThe Eleventh Circuit has overturned a lower ruling, saying it’s A-ok for folks to be subjected to a pat-down prior to entering the stadium for Tampa Bay Buccaneers home games. (SI)

check.jpgIs it worth taking a case for the sake of publicity? (WSJ Law Blog)

check.jpgDavid Lat and Ann Althouse, live and in person … but more importantly, who knew they’re both New Jersey folk! (Above the Law)

check.jpgNetflix and Blockbuster are making nicey-nice over their business method patent dispute. (Engadget)