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The Daily Memo - 6/20/07

check.jpgTwo guys tried to avoid drug charges by using an in-car rocket to launch away the evidence of their two pounds of meth. Sadly, the rocket was an apparent dud. (Gizmodo)

check.jpgSigh … Shar Jackson is planning to sue Star Magazine because it claimed that K-Fed knocked her up again. Were I her, I’d sue her judgment for letting K-Fed stick it in her again.(The Superficial)

check.jpgSeems that Paris Hilton’s prosecutor suffers from a touch of the heeby-hypocrisies. (CNN)

check.jpgOverlawyered is seriously trying to argue that the $67 $54 million pants lawsuit isn’t frivolous? That’s just crazy talk. (Overlawyered)

check.jpgIf you’re gonna’ get arrested for stealing your girlfriend’s car anyway, why not also huck a brick at her? (TBO.com)

check.jpgFour students are suing ITT Technical Institute after learning that the University of Houston won’t accept their technical school credits. (Houston Chronicle)

check.jpgAn LA judge has refused to approve the $49 million Bar/Bri settlement. (WSJ Law Blog)

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"Overlawyered is seriously trying to argue that the $67 $54 million pants lawsuit isn’t frivolous?"

Where does Overlawyered say that? Certainly not in my post that you linked.

This would appear to be sarcasm misinterpreted, I believe, as we've mocked the frivolity of this lawsuit ourselves on several occasions.

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