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The Daily Memo - 5/19/08

check.jpgThe Motherboard Wars are impending, as ASUS is planning to sue Gigabyte for defamation and a disinformation campaign. (Engadget)

check.jpgA delivery man is back in court trying get a bite of $156 million he says Howard Hughes promised him after the man rescued the reclusive, crazy billionaire. (LawInfo)

check.jpgA wife is suing her husband for a piece of his $600K lottery winnings. (WT&E Prof Blog)

check.jpgWhat could the DOJ wind up looking like this time next year? (WSJ Law Blog)

check.jpgA Senate panel has approved a bill which would allocate over $1 billion (over eight years) to fight online kiddy porn and other related crimes. (News.com)

check.jpgSome Senators are asking the FBI to explain some subpoena shenanigans related to the Internet Archive. (Wired)

check.jpgHere’s 10 ways you might be breaking the law with your computer right now! (TechRepublic)

check.jpgOur long national nightmare is over folks! The two year ban against foie gras in Chicago has been repealed. (Chicago Sun-Times)