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Beef Jerky Bandits Crazy about Dried Meat!

Img68.jpgIt’s not theft if the cashier won’t take your goddam money. Right?

A man stole three packages of beef jerky from a Fill Ups Food Store on Monday, then chased down the witnesses with his wife before lawmen caught them.
[Leigh Stephen Cann Jr., 22, and his wife, 26-year-old Shannon Kelly Cann,] were at the Fill Ups on Harbor Boulevard when he stole the jerky. They threatened witnesses in the parking lot and then chased them when they fled — all the way to the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s station on Stahlman Avenue, where he punched through their car’s window and made verbal threats while she began punching one witness, according to their arrest reports.
A deputy pulled them over at Palmetto Drive and Azalea Drive, where Leigh Cann said, “I attempted to pay for the beef jerky but that [expletive] clerk would not take my money,” the deputy wrote. Shannon Cann resisted arrest and struck the deputy during the arrest.

I can attest to this fact: Sometimes, when you’re trying to step into a Slim Jim, there is a tendency to get carried away.