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The Daily Memo - 4/23/07

check.jpgScalito, Scalito, wherefore art thou Scalito? (Law.com)

check.jpgPhiladelphia Eagles running back Correll Buckhalter lost his appeal to the Nebraska Supreme Court over an order to pay over $4,000 in child support for an autistic boy. (SI)

check.jpgA Community College teacher has been arrested and put on administrative leave after calling the school and leaving voicemails threatening herself. (Ledger-Enquirer)

check.jpgTry to drive carefully, avoiding swerves which might get you pulled over, when you’ve got 20 pounds of pot in your car. (KATU)

check.jpgFiled by prosecutors in connection with an upcoming mafia trial, a newly released 63-page court document outlines a 40-year history of mob hits in Chicago. (CNN)

check.jpgHawaii’s state legislature has tossed a proposed red light camera bill, in part because it would not have been effective until 2020. (The Newspaper)

check.jpgLast Thursday a man was sentenced to 5 years in the clink for poisoning his kids’ soup as part of a plan to extort money from the Campbell Soup Company. (CBS46)

check.jpgFormer linebacker Dick Butkus has filed a lawsuit over the Downtown Athletic Club of Orlando’s “Butkus Award,” claiming various shenanigans stemming from his original license agreement with the club. (SI)